The Global Legal Alliance (hereinafter referred to as “GLA”), founded on May 19th, 2016 is a global legal service alliance and an international platform for legal professionals,headquartered in Hong Kong and Beijing, China. The GLA aims to grow into a public platform where global legal service providers can network, communicate, and cooperate with each other.
    The GLA is a non-profitable NGO which is made up of legal institutions and legal service providers. The GLA has been developed under the “one belt, one road” initiative. The GLA operates by drawing information from investment and legal databases. This database will help GLA members comply with regulations, observe codes of ethics and also adhere to national guidelines, policies and programs thus protecting the legal interests of GLA members. Through this alliance, lawyers around the world can cooperatively work together. By working with the GLA, legal service providers from various legal jurisdictions will be able to deepen their understanding of international cooperation while develop networking connections. 

    The GLA is sponsored jointly by P.C. Woo& Co. Law Firm (Hong Kong, PRC), Zhonglun W&D Law Firm (Beijing, PRC), DKLM Law Firm (UK), Naji Law Firm (Saudi Arabia), Total Service (Cyprus), Huicheng Law Firm (PRC), Huang Tang & Marvin, LLP (USA) and the Italian and Dutch law firms and organizations.
    Twelve special business teams have been established in order to develop the cross-collaboration of all GLA members, including: Banking and Finance, General Corporate, MA & Capital Market, Properties, Dispute Resolution, Private Clients, IP, Environment, Energy and Infrastructure, Food& Drug, Middle East Business and Development, Trade Remedy, and Competition. 
    The GLA aims to hold various conferences with entrepreneurs and investors attending. These conferences will be open to all personnel from varying business sectors across the world. With the 12 business teams that have been put in place, GLA is going to form a strong global legal alliance, covering over 190 countries.