Many lawyers and entrepreneurs share their insights in GLA 2017 AGM

source:ENGLA   time:2017-11-30 10:43:51
In the GLA 2017 annual conference which successfully took place in Paphos (Cyprus), many lawyers and entrepreneurs from varied business sectors delieved excellent and inspiring speeches on different fields.
For the details of speakers and their presentations, please see below:

1.Moses Cheng  Chairman of GLA - Opening Speech

2. Yaping Wang  The Commercial Counselor of P. R. China in Cyprus - Keynote Speech

Presentation material: /Uploads/kindeditor/file/20171227/Counselor Wang Yaping.pdf

3. Chen Wen  Co-Chairman of GLA - Keynote Speech

Presentation material: /Uploads/kindeditor/file/20171204/1CHEN WEN_Mg5trD.pdf

4. Jeremy Kleinfeld  Vice Chairman of GLA - Keynote Speech

Presentation material: /Uploads/kindeditor/file/20171204/2JEREMY.pdf
5.Timothy B. Mills   Director of GLA Cross Border Anti-Corruption Committee 
Trends and Developments in Cross Border Anti-Corruption Enforcement for 2018: Opportunities for Legal Collaboration

Presentation material:/Uploads/kindeditor/file/20171204/3TIMOTHY MILLS.pdf
6. Elena Georgiou Taliotou   Advocate, Legal Consultant, Mediator

Investment Law and the Environment in Cyprus - Mediation in Cyprus as a dispute solution

Presentation material: /Uploads/kindeditor/file/20171204/4ELENA.pdf

7. Philippe Preti   Partner of Mentha
Some features of Swiss Economic and Legal Environment

Presentation material: /Uploads/kindeditor/file/20171204/5PHILIPPE PRETI.pdf
8. Christos Scordis  Managing Partner of SCORDIS, PAPAPETROU & Co

Cyprus: Gateway to the European Union, Russia and the Middle East for Asian Investors – Legal Perspective and Business Opportunities

Presentation material: /Uploads/kindeditor/file/20171204/6CHRISTOS.pdf
9. Paul Lo  Deputy Secretary General of GLA

Speech on the role that Hong Kong plays in “Belt & Road”

Presentation material: /Uploads/kindeditor/file/20171204/7PAUL.pdf
10. George Tsolias  Bank of Cyprus

Bank of Cyprus and its role in the Strategic Development of Belt & Road

Presentation material: /Uploads/kindeditor/file/20171204/8GEORGE.pdf
11. Piotr Wawrzyniak  Attorney-at-law of Schelstraete Business Lawyers

Speech on the Economic Cooperation Between the Netherlands and Asia

Presentation material: /Uploads/kindeditor/file/20171204/9PIOTR.pdf
12. Anupam Dighe  Partner of India Law Alliance

Make in India - an opportunity

Presentation material: /Uploads/kindeditor/file/20171204/10ANUPAM.pdf
13. Emile kanaan  Senior Partner of The Levant Lawyers (TLL)

Oil and Gas Activities: Exploration, Production, and Marketing

Presentation material: /Uploads/kindeditor/file/20171204/11EMILE.pdf
14. Ahmed Al-Kusayer  Vice Chairman of GLA

Speech on the Connection between “Belt & Road” and Saudi Arabia

Presentation material: /Uploads/kindeditor/file/20171204/12AHMAD ALKUSAYER.pdf
15.ShanDongbing Shan  President of Donwa Pictures (Shanghai)

Film Co-production in China

Presentation material: /Uploads/kindeditor/file/20171204/13SHAN.pdf
16. Jeremy Kleinfeld  Vice Chairman of GLA

English Law On China’s Belt And Road

Presentation material: /Uploads/kindeditor/file/20171204/14JEREMY.pdf
17. Ritz Keru Chen  President of Delight Family Office

One Belt &One Road Delight Taoist Lifestyle

Presentation material: /Uploads/kindeditor/file/20171204/15RITZ.pdf

Last one:  The seminar of “The Impact of Trump’s Tax Reform on American Society and World Economy was held successfully in Beijing

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