The unveiling ceremony of “two institutes and one center” was successfully held.

source:ENGLA   time:2017-06-07 16:02:21

On May 23th, 2017, the unveiling ceremony of Institute of Belt and Road Development Strategy, Zhonglun W&D Finance and Investment Development Research Center of Xiong’an New Area, Zhonglun W&D Institute of Laws was held in the Capital Club. Over 70 guests from universities, enterprises and institutions attended the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Deputy SecretaryGeneral of GLA and the vice director of Zhonglun W&D Law Firm, Mr. Li Zheng.


A welcome speech was given by Co-Chairman of GLA and president of Zhonglun W&D Law Firm, Dr. Chen Wen. He expressed that the establishment of “two institutes and one center”had been brewing for a long time.


Then the director of Beijing Lawyers Association Mr. Gao Zicheng, dean of Peking University Law School Mr. Zhang Shouwen, dean of Tsinghua University School of Law Mr. Shen Weixing, DeputySecretary of Party committee of National Development and Reform Commission Mr. Zhao Ai, the director of Wanb Institute Mr. Teng Tai, Deputy director of Expert Committee of Beijing People's Government, CEO of ZhongrongInternational Trust Company Mr. Wang Yanzhuo and Vice president of Lanzhou University Ms. Cao Hong attended the unveiling ceremony and delivered speeches.


The director of Zhonglun W&D Institute of Laws Mr. Fang Dengda extended the warm welcome to all guests and elaborated the meaning meaning behind the establishing of the institute. Finally, Fang mentioned that the institute could become the bridge connecting the legal professionals in virtue of the expertise of all consultants.


As the director of Zhonglun W&D Finance and Investment Development Research Center of Xiong’an New Area, Mr. Zhen Qinggui illustrated the work would be advanced internally and externally. Furthermore, he said that Zhonglun W&D Law Firm stood first in rank in the construction of Belt and Road. The founding of the institute also follows the trend upon the establishment of Xiong’an New Area.

The director of the institute of Belt and Road Development Strategy Mr. Bill Li, expressed his wish that the institute could gain the strength and wisdom of allacademia, business and legal industry in the platform of the institute advancing Win-Win Cooperation and the implementation of Belt and Road Strategy, providing the legal protection for Chinese enterprises going globaltheoretically and practically. He also outlined the blueprint from the perspective of rules, cooperation and teamwork.


In the invitation of Mr. Chen Wen, Mr. Gao Zicheng, Mr. Zhang Shouwen, Mr. Shen Weixing, Mr. Zhao Ai, Mr. Wang Yanzhuo and Ms. Cao Hongtogether unveiled the plaques, marking the official establishment of the three institutes.


After awarding the certificates of appointment, all guests posed for photographs.


The unveiling ceremony ended in warm applause.

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